Clive Dennison (Professor emeritus) has been exploring the beautiful, rugged and magical Wild Coast since he first visited as a 13-year-old in 1957. Since then, driven by their passion for the area, he and his wife, Edith (Dr Elliott or Elliott-Dennison, also now retired), have explored the whole of the Wild Coast, by road, up rivers by boat, along the beaches by bicycle and by air in their microlight. This exploration was complemented by intense literary research.

A passion for sharing this beauty and a desire to protect the Wild Coast and its peoples' culture by promoting a knowledge and appreciation of its rich history and vulnerability, has led to the publication of several books and pictorial DVDs. The books record historical aspects such as shipwrecks, facts on the indigenous peoples, the trading stations and traders, and the experiences of early peoples and settlers. The DVDs capture a photographic record of the rivers, estuaries and other noteworthy features of the Wild Coast shoreline. The books and DVDs are published under the Brevitas label.

The Wild Coaster - Pietermaritzburg, Wildcoast History, Crafts, Books, Boats, Dvds - Edith and Clive

Brevitas Publications, and rare or out-of-print books by other publishers, may be found on this website under "Books". The page labelled "Boats" features a unique boat that Clive designed to facilitate exploration and holidays on the Wild Coast. Examples of various curios and Mpondo beading may be found under the page "Arts and Crafts".

Events, such as Book launches, Wild Coast Walks as well as news of initiatives, such as the recording and documenting of Mpondo beading and traditional dress, are given under the heading "News". The Mpondo beading initiative, an effort to record the distinctive nature of the Mpondo traditional attire and beading, is shared on the Facebook page "Mpondo beading and traditional dress". You may also find us on the Facebook link below.

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