Footprints in Paradise A History of The Wild Coast
NEW Edition 3

403 pages of 17 x 24 cm. Hard, matt cover.

This book, which is apparently unique in its scope, covers the history of the Wild Coast and the many outstanding characters featuring in that history. 

The story starts with the earliest Khoisan inhabitants, followed by two waves of Bantu people, Portuguese seafarers and Dutch and British colonizers. An outline of global politics, especially the contest between Britain and France, is given by way of an explanation of why the British took over the Cape, almost by default.

Later the British took over the Transkei Territories, for multifaceted reasons but partly to prevent them being taken over by Germany. An iron age culture, surrounded for hundreds of years by a non-trading stone age culture, was thus brought into traumatic contact with one of the world’s greatest trading nations of that time. The results were dramatic and continue to reverberate to this day.

The narrative continues through the 2nd World War period and the battle against the U-boats, and on, through the Transkei Independence period, up to the present.

Punctuating the history of the Wild Coast are many shipwrecks, including that of the East Indiaman, the Grosvenor, the mystery of the Waratah and the dramatic sinking of the Oceanos, among many others.

For anyone interested in the Wild Coast, this is a “must read” book.
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Air Marshal Sir Leonard
Horatio Slatter

Air Marshal

150 pages of 17 x 24 cm. Hard, glossy cover.

Leonard Slatter was born in Durban and played a major role in the RAF before and during WW2.

He commanded the RAF’s High Speed Flight, which won the Schneider Trophy, for racing floatplanes, in 1927. The Spitfire fighter and the Rolls Royce Merlin engine were developed from these contests. In WW2 he commanded the Allied Air Forces in East Africa, in the Mediterranean and in the Battle of the Atlantic. He was knighted for his services and, I am told, is the only South African - besides Jan Smuts - to attain the military rank of Marshal.

The book was written by his nephew, Leonard Chiazzari, of Richmond, KZN, who was a pilot in the SAAF in WW2.

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Memoirs of a Transkei Trading Family


245 pages of 17 x 24 cm. Hard, glossy cover.

This book will appeal to those with an interest in the Transkei and Wild coast.
It concerns the Davis Family of Old Bunting and Wilo trading stores and comprises the reminiscences of Harold Davis, who was brought up at Old Bunting and later traded at Wilo, and those of his son, Grant.

The book stretches over about four generations of the Davis family and, gives a fascinating insight into life in the Transkei in those times.

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Traders and Trading Stations of the Central and Southern Transkei
4th Edition


346 pages of 17 x 24 cm. Hard, matt cover.

This is the 4th edition of Mike Thompson’s book.
As before it is the result of further contributions from former traders or their families.
It is now a substantial book, of over 700 pages, and is hard covered, as before.

Only 200 copies have been printed and this is likely to be the last iteration of Mike’s book so, if you want one, do not delay in ordering.

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The Promise of Justice

The Promise of Justice

415 pages of 17 x 24 cm. Hard, glossy cover.

You have undoubtedly heard of the controversies concerning the proposed Toll Road and the proposed mining of the Xolobeni dunes in Pondoland?

What you might not know about is the connections between the mining, “The Road", toll roads in Gauteng and efforts by the govenment to depose the Mpondo King.

John Clarke stumbled innocently into this maelstrom of competing interests by taking his family on a horse ride along the Pondoland coast, organised by Amadiba Adventures. As a social worker, he got caught up in the current and was swept along on a decade-long adventure.

Here he tells the tale and unravels the many threads, viz.:
Government making promises to a foreign mining house that they could not keep, but trying with increasing desperation to do so, against the will of the local people who do not want mining in their area.
Government trying to force through a toll road to support the mining endeavour, but against the wishes of the local community and many others.

Co-option of some local people by the mining company, leading to major schisms in the community and at least one alleged murder. Attempts by government to depose the Mpondo King, for expressing the will of his people against the mining and "The Road”.

Corruption, intimidation, murder - what a tale, and it’s all here in Clarke’s book. A movie will undoubtedly follow.

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Weaving a Wild Coast Web


250 pages of 17 x 24 cm. hard, matt cover.

John Engelbrecht is the son if Eileen Engelbrecht (nee Webb) and nephew of Gerald and Ernest Webb, Eileen's brothers. In the late 1940's Gerald and Ernest purchased trading stores in the hinterland of the coastal resort of Mpame, where they built a holliday cottage with the assistance from various extended family members.

In this book John recalls holidays at the trading stores and at Mpame, with the extended Webb family, and the related Stride and Clark families. The book provides a cameo of the TranskeiWild Coast, the Webb's trading stores, the Mpame beach camp in the 1950s and '60's and the web of connectios between the various peoples and places.

The book makes a valuable contribution to the recorded history of the Wild Coast and deserves a place on the bookshelf of any Wild Coast enthusiast.

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Sidelights on Port St.Johns 1929 - 1938

Sidelights Coming Soon

Cyril Rooke Prance was an eccentric resident of Port St Johns in the 1920s and ‘30s. He wrote a number of books (eight, in all) including this one, which comprises a compendium of a number of articles published in various newspapers and magazines in the period 1929-1938.

Collectively these articles provide a fascinating (and amusing) insight into life in Port St Johns in those times. It is being republished with permission.

In preparation – coming soon

Once in my beloved Transkei

Once in my beloved Transkei

239 pages of 17 x 24 cm. Hard, glossy cover.

In this Memoir Harold Bruce relates his early life in Umtata, service in the Royal Navy and his career as a builder (he built most of the high-rise buildings in Umtata).

He was the father-in-law of Donald Woods and he describes the role he played in the escape of the Woods family to Lesotho.

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Ramsgate Recollections

Ramsgate reflections

91 pages of 17 x 24 cm. soft, glossy cover.

This history of Ramsgate on the KZN South Coast, was written by Doreen Gaze, well known as the proprietor of the Gaze Gallery and, formerly, of The Waffle House. It provides an interesting read for those interested in the development of this coastal village and provides an informative contrast with Wild Coast villages.

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The Weezle Wozzle Book

Weezle Wozzles

14 pages of A5 size. Soft cover.

This childrens’ book comprises a poem by Clive Dennison (a retired academic), written for the amusement of his grandchildren, with each verse illustrated by “Stidy” (Anthony Stidolph), the award-winning cartoonist for The Witness newspaper.

Only by reading the book will you discover what a “Weezle Wozzle” is!

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A Beautiful Country
(other Rare Books)

A Beautifull Country

250 pages of 20 x 25 cm. Soft, matt cover.

Many people from East Griqualand are keen wild coasters and Mkambati is sometimes called, "Kokstad by the Sea". In this book Milner Snell has captured the history of East Griqualand and the colourful characters from that area.

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Medicinal and Charm Plants of Pondoland
(other Rare Books)

Medicinal and Charm Plants of Pondoland

79 pages of 14.8 x 21 cm. Hard, glossy cover.

This beautifully written and illustrated little book is a perfect companion to a Wild Coast walk. The book is written by Sinegugu Zukulu, born and raised in Pondoland, a Director of a Section 21 Eco-Social enterprise called Sustaining the Wild Coast, and member of the Department of Environmental Affairs, Tony Dold, a plant taxonomist and ethnobotanist at Rhodes University, the late Tony Abbot, Department of Plant Science, University of Pretoria, and Domitilla Raimondo, Manager of the Threatened Species Programme at the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), with contributions from 4 respected traditional herbalists of the Pondoland Coast, Mashona Dlamini and Inyanga, Sampson Gampe from the Sigidi village near the Mazamba River mouth, Umnumzana Sizwe Shezi from Nyavini near the Mtentu River mouth and Umnumzana Mpondombini Daca from eGobodweni village next to the Mtentu River Gorge. Containing beautiful photographs of the medicinal plants, the book documents the indigenous plant use in Pondoland, the Pondo and botanical names of the plants and is of interest to everyone interested in the plants in the region.

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Tokens of the Colony and Province of Natal
(other Rare Books)

Tokens of the Colony and Province of Natal

91 pages of 295 x 205 cm. Soft glossy cover.

The first tokens issued in Natal, and in South Africa, for that matter, were issued by merchants and shopkeepers in Durban, many of whom were Byrne settlers. Tokens used for trading in Natal can be divided into two chronological groupings, those issued by the colony of Natal from 1860 to 1880, and those issued and used in the Province of Natal in the 1920s and 1930s.

The use of tokens was made illegal in 1932 but numerous companies made use of them for some years after that date. The tokens issued and used in the Colony and Province of Natal can be divided into eight categories: Trade Tokens, Monopoly Tokens, Credit Tokens, Discount Tokens, Commodity Tokens, Machine Tokens, Soliciting Tokens and Advertising Tokens. Many of the family businesses in the various regions are named e.g. in Durban Baumann, Blackwood and Cooper and Co, Guy, McArthur, Muirhead and Co., Mowatt’s, Payne Bros.,Woolfsons and those in Ixopo, Northern Natal. Pietermaritzburg and Richmond. This is significant contribution to the records on Early Natal trading and trading families.

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Sutton Diaries
(other Rare Books)


372 pages of 17 x 24 cm. soft, glossy cover.

George Sutton and his family arrived in Colonial Natal in 1872, acquired farmland in Howick and made his mark in agricultural and political circles.

Sutton’s detailed diary recorded events from 1874 to the Union in 1910 during the development of the Natal Colony and his contribution to the wattle bark industry and the fight for Responsible Government granted to Natal in 1893.

Sutton became Prime Minister of Natal in 1903 and was knighted (KCMG) the following year. This book provides a unique view of the life and times prevailing in the Colony and especially in the Natal Midlands at that time.

For anyone interested in the early days of Natal, this is a “must read” book.

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Tokens of the Transkei
(other Rare Books)

Tokens-of-the Transkei

51 pages of 295 x 205 cm. Soft glossy cover.

For many years little was known about the history and use of Trading Tokens, especially in the context of the Transkei and the Transkei Traders. Early historians and collectors such as E. J. Maynard, Lt Col. Knobel, Dr P.W. Laider, A.S Rodgers and Dr Theron contributed some knowledge but it was not until Scott Balson made incredible strides by delving into the history of the Larkans and the Stachans, that any significant records existed. Scott Balson’s research resulted in more being known about the issues by these two families than any other.

In the Transkei the issues by James Cole, Dawood Ahmod, and L.P. Moore were only rumoured. Now, at last, the annals of numismatic history have been drawn together and augmented by Milner Snell. This beautifully illustrated book is a significant contribution to early Transkei history.

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The last of the Lotus Lands
(Other Rare Books)

The last of the Lotus Lands

191 pages of 15 x 21 cm. soft, glossy cover.

The "Last of the Lotus Lands" gives a unique view of life in Pondoland through the eyes of two young doctors, Dr Margaret Barlow and Dr Bruce Buchan. Drs Barlow and Buchan dedicated 20 years, beginning in 1948, serving the community in and around Lusikisiki. Graduating from the University of Cape Town in 1948, after interrupting her studies to serve as a radiographer in the army during the war, a brief stint as a houseman at a hospital in the then Umtali, Rhodesia, and some time in Craddock, Dr Barlow married Dr Buchan, a fellow student at Cape Town, who also served in the war and graduated in 1948. Together they moved to Lusikisiki to begin their medical careers as rural medical practitioners.
During the ensuing years, they practiced medicine, raised a family and built Lusikisiki’s St Elizabeth’s Hospital, raising the funds and organising the establishment themselves. Because the country roads in the Transkei were indescribably poor, Drs Buchan and Barlow also learned to fly and bought their own aeroplane to reach the rural clinics they established.

The "Last of the Lotus Lands” gives a view of this lost time in history, the charm and richness of the life and the magic of the indigenous people, through the eyes of medical practitioners, and from a family perspective and is a "must read".

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Thunder from a Clear Sky
(other Rare Books)

Thunder from a Clear Sky

218 pages of 21 x 14.5 cm. Soft, glossy cover.

This is the true story about the history of the Trow family, and two generations of white children growing up in Xhosa territory, and their fathers and mothers. This is a story of a time that is past and a place that no longer exists - the Transkei of a long time ago, Mandela country, Thembu, and its tribal red blanket people. This is the story of a man torn by inner conflict, who lived there for over 60 years. It is also the story of a time when he did not live there.

"Thunder from a Clear Sky" will speak to you with many voices. All those voices are, or were, those of actual people, many of whom contributed their thoughts and experiences to this book.

Currently available at R200-00 plus R60-00 postage.

Images of the Wild Coast Volume 2

Images of the Wild Coast

The new DVD comprises 259 images, almost exclusively new aerial photographs with only a few repeats from the first DVD, where we couldn’t improve on the earlier picture. All rivers and major features along the coast from the Umthamvuna to Morgan Bay are named and recorded.

This DVD must also be viewed on a computer and not on a TV/video machine.

Each photograph is labeled and a “narrative” is provided to give additional information

It costs R120-00 plus R60-00 packaging and postage.

The old DVD is still available at R100-00 and a bundle of the old and new is R200-00, with R60-00 postage.

Currently available at a price of R120-00 plus postage R60-00

Images of the Wild Coast Volume 1

Images of the Wild Coast

This DVD comprises 170 photographs (mainly aerial shots, but some ground shots) covering the whole of the Wild Coast, from the Umthamvuna River to the Kei River.

It must be viewed on a computer and not on a TV/video machine.
The authors were inspired by the inaccessibility of much of the Wild Coast, to take to the air in their microlight to provide this series of pictures that provide a record of the Wild Coast from a perspective not easily accessible to many people.

Each photograph is labeled and a “narrative” is provided to give additional information.

Currently available at a discounted price of R100-00 plus postage R60-00